Susanna Benigni
Writer & Poet; 
"La Venere Arguta"
"Antologia del sentimento"
antologia vetrina.jpg

Le mezze Lane editrice

Italian Contemporary Poet

Susanna Benigni was born in Tuscany, always passionate about theater and psychoanalysis, she lands in the rose of contemporary poetry with the first publication in 2018.
He received prizes and awards in various literary competitions on the peninsula, winning first place at the IV literary prize of the city of Siena for this new silloge.
His uncommon ability to deepen the meaning and mystery of life, of which the substantial expression is poetry, is simple but at the same time wise in lyrically transfiguring images that possess an extraordinary evocative force, antologizing and sublimating that human biological urgency of the body and soul even in the most banal daily occurrence.
Her mystical and erotic poetry at the same time, imbued with dichotomies and hermetic sense like the rhyme of a conceptual painting, labyrinthine as well as explanatory, does not leave the reader indifferent who puts her in charge, reading and re-reading it letting herself be conquered and shaped by sounds and images to absorb each time more the abyssal sense that belongs to him.
The Anthology of feeling is the mirror of every soul that finds itself in the whirlwind of all things, to sift its taste with simplicity, to flush out the deep meaning of its existence with a continuous search for truth aimed at building a balance even if chimeric and elusive among the emotions of the extremes that make up the beauty of life in all its manifestations.